6th August 2020 

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A space to explore and understand your emotional distress in a safe and confidential atmosphere with an experienced clinician who is trained to think carefully about what troubles you and help you understand the ways in which you may be repeating old patterns of relating to yourself and others that are unhelpful.
These are 50 minute sessions that take place at regular times and range in frequency from one to three times weekly sessions. A more intensive analysis of 4-5 sessions a week can also be arranged where appropriate. The most suitable option can be discussed at the initial consultation.

Is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for me?

  • People often experience emotional or psychological distress in their relationships, problems in their personalities or other emotional troubles in their lives which they feel unable to do much about and want to talk it through with someone.

  • We all recognise that we can repeat unhelpful patterns of relationships and much of the work of Therapy is focused on understanding how these patterns affect the way you think about yourself and relate to others. This can then pave the way towards changing things in the present and future.

What can I expect to be helped with?

  • Personal relationship difficulties with a partner
  • Blocks in studying, work and creativity
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Feelings of emptiness, sadness, lack of meaning in life
  • Obsessional-Compulsive Problems
  • Eating difficulties
  • Self Harm/ Suicidal behaviour
  • Gambling/Addictive/ Reckless or high risk behaviour
  • Stressful or Traumatic events such as a bereavement, divorce, accidental
    injury or being the subject of discrimination or hate crimes
  • Severe Personality difficulties
  • Identity /Relationship problems arising from experiences of early adoption